Do you give free estimates?

Yes and No. During your initial in-home consultation we’ll provide a ballpark or range of what we believe your project will cost. If the projected price is acceptable we’ll enter the design process. There is a design fee based upon the projected cost.

What’s your hourly rate?

We don’t have a fixed hourly rate. We use “unit pricing” where each task has a priced attached. Example: installing a toilet is one price, installing flooring is another price, installing cabinets is a third price.

What’s your warranty?

We have an unlimited lifetime guarantee on all labor and unreasonable material failure. Example: You the homeowner call with an issue, we’ll come, inspect the issue, and with you decide on the best corrective action. We have honored this warranty 10 years after project completion. No muss no fuss.

Will you install the ___________ that I already have?

Yes. We will install items that you purchased, but we can not warranty the items or labor. Example: we install a medicine cabinet that you provide. A year later the finish is peeling, and you want it replaced. We will gladly install a new medicine cabinet, but you would be charged for it.

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